Analyses of the climatic influences affecting growing conditions such as Temperature, Solar Radiation, Wind and Humidity. Weather analyses are based on regional data obtained from the California Irrigation Management Information Systems (CIMIS) Stations and only characterize general growing conditions for the region.


Regional temperatures tracked closely to 10 year averages with a slight dip in September. In contrast, 2012 was a warmer year than 2011 and 2010 but slightly cooler than 2009 and 2007.

Solar Radiation

Solar radiation exceeded historical averages as well as levels seen in 2011 & 2010 and 2009 & 2007. During the past three years, April has seen the only decrease in solar radiation. 


Wind conditions in our otherwise windy region were considerably diminished as compared with previous averages. The favorable temperature, sunlight and humidity levels lessened the dependence on wind. 


Humidity levels were lower than average through most of the growing season with the exceptions of April and September. 2012 humidity tracked most closely to that of 2007 with again the exception of higher humidity in September.

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