Analyses of the climatic influences affecting current growing conditions such as Temperature, Solar Radiation, Wind and Humidity. Weather analyses are based on regional data obtained from the California Irrigation Management Information Systems (CIMIS) Stations and only characterize general growing conditions for the region.


The Petaluma Gap experienced slightly higher mean daily temperatures in April than it had in 2013 and over the last 10 years. Bolstered by temperatures that reached the mid 80's during the latter part of the month, mean temperatures were almost a full degree higher than last year and 1.4˚F higher than the previous 10 year average. While average low temperatures mirrored historical averages for the region, high temperatures surpassed norms by 3.6˚F.

Solar Radiation

At only 5.5 Ly/Day (or a mere 1.1%) higher than average, the total amount of sunlight in the region effectively maintained normal levels. However, these levels were 25 Ly/Day or 4.6% lower than experienced during April of 2013 due in part to the fact we saw over 3" more rain in 2014 than we did during the same period in 2013.


Wind speeds in April were considerably lower than 2013 and the previous 10 year average by 13.3%. Neither the abundance or lack of airflow is not a major concern this early in the growing season. 


April was a modestly "wet" month with average relative humidity 5.4% higher than 2013 and 3.3% higher than historical averages. Similarly to the slightly diminished sunlight this month, the higher average relative humidity was partly due to the increased periods of rain that we experienced in April.

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