Glasshaus Wine Company is a Community Supported Winery (CSW) dedicated to producing ultra-premium Sonoma Coast (Petaluma Gap) wines and sharing our profits with social programs that benefit local communities.


Like some community supported agricultural models, our contributing members pledge in advance to cover the anticipated costs of winegrowing and winemaking. In return, they receive guaranteed Shares of our artisanal, small-batch production, 100% transparency during the winegrowing and winemaking process, as well as the satisfaction gained from supporting their local community.

By focusing on direct sales to members, who have provided the necessary working capital in advance, we largely avoid the need for traditional distribution and much of the financial burden of marketing. These savings are passed on to our members (20% discount) and allocated to support social programs (20% donation).

Our goal is to build a sustainable wine business dedicated to becoming a pilar in the Petaluma community and to donate more than $150,000 annually to youth mentoring and educational programs.




A New England native and Petaluma resident, GM/Winemaker Rodney Gagnon is the driving force behind Glasshaus. Rodney’s wine obsession began in 1996 while cycling through the vineyards of Burgundy, France. Leaving behind a 20 year career developing software products and services, Rodney completed formal wine appreciation, wine business and winemaking programs at Boston University and UC Davis. Since 2010, Rodney has been spearheading sales, marketing and wine production for custom winemaking operations in Sonoma California and Bordeaux France. Glasshaus was born to satisfy his passion for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and his need to connect with and help build stronger communities.



In establishing a Community Supported Winery (CSW) in Petaluma, California, Glasshaus Wines is creating a sustainable model that benefits both its contributing members and the local community.


Benefits for Members

Members provide the working capital necessary for wine production through the purchase of Shares prior to harvest. Each Share equals one case (12 750ml Bottles) of wine each vintage year and is offered at 20% off the pre-set vintage retail price. As a form of appreciation for continued support, members accrue an additional 2% discount (Lifetime Maximum 10%) for each qualified purchase year of membership and are offered "Early-Bird" Shares for subsequent vintages 30 days before new members. Members are consulted for quality feedback, future varietal production and social program selection. Member demographics determine charitable fund distribution.

Members are also kept well informed of the overall operations through:

  • Monthly Glasshaus Community News
  • Monthly Winegrowing Reports & Weather Analyses (Apr-Oct)
  • Complete Harvest & Winemaking Data
  • Annual Report of Operations

Members are also invited to our members-only Release and Harvest Parties.

Benefits for the Local Community

Our members pledge their support because they share our purpose-driven values. This desire for connection and contribution extends beyond the confines of Glasshaus to our winegrowers, artisan neighbors and the causes that we support. In addition to increasing awareness, we offer the following benefits.

Our strong partnerships with our local winegrowers provide the foundation for our mutual success. Our winemaking philosophy of preserving and promoting the unique characteristics of the local terroir benefits the entire local wine growing community.

"A rising tide lifts all boats" is an aphorism we intend to prove. We are incorporating a marketplace for local artisans to offer their unique, one-of-a-kind products as "add-ons" to our Member's Wine Shares. 

Lastly, and most importantly, it is commonly understood that youth mentoring programs lead to improved behaviors, attitudes and academic performance. We strive to pledge 20% of our profits to support local organizations and local chapters of national organizations that provide successful youth mentoring programs.

Reasons To Join

When you become a member, you will be part of a community of like minded people who value quality and integrity in the products and services that they support and believe in the importance of building relationships to build stronger communities.

Insider Pricing. If you find that your wine purchases are confined to retail shops (like supermarkets), you are likely spending 30% - 60% more than you should. Significant savings can be realized by purchasing directly from producers, like us? Our member share discounts (20%) equate to better wine for less.


Giving Back. Besides your savings, purchasing our wine also helps kids in your local community. With your help, we are able to commit 20% of our profits to successful youth mentoring programs. Funds are distributed based on member demographics and you decide who benefits.


Complete Transparency. We've all read the reports through recent years of nefarious wine and food  production practices. We offer unprecedented visibility into our wine production and our business practices. We are all consumers and we all deserve this level of honesty from our producers.

Common Purpose. Our only financial capital comes from you, our members. By forgoing outside investment, we are singularly focused on producing the highest quality wine possible for you. We don't have third-party benefactors looking over our shoulders worrying about their ROI.

Join Us and Drink Well while Doing Good.

More Reasons to Join


Personalization. For members purchasing larger quantities (6 or more Shares/Year), we offer private labeling services. This is a great opportunity for unique holiday/corporate gifts or a new way to impress your friends. (Additional fees may apply. Please call for details. 707.933.7787)

Bonuses. We are constantly on the hunt for unique, artisanal products in southern Sonoma County. When your wine shares are ready to ship, we will offer exclusive "add-ons" that will only be available to our Members.


Wines & Vines


The main wine varietals in our program are made from the Burgundian grape varieties of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  We will make wine from additional varieties that have proven to produce wines of exceptional quality in our cool conditions, such as Pinot Gris and Syrah. The quantities of each will be regulated by demand from the community.

Ultra-premium Chardonnay and Pinot Noir still wines are rarely, if ever, blended with other varieties. In addition to a myriad winemaking techniques, complexity and balance are achieved through the combination of site characteristics and clonal variations within each variety. Below are brief descriptions of each grape variety and the clonal variations we leverage in our programs.


Chardonnay is a versatile white grape variety that can exhibit a wide range of flavors from green apple and citrus in cooler climates to tropical fruits in warmer regions. Wine styles range from lively, bracing and lean to round, buttery and full-bodied. Driven by our vineyard and clonal diversity, our Chardonnay strives for a blend of fresh apple, tropical fruit and floral aromatics with a perfect balance of bright acidity with a round mouth-feel and lingering finish.

Clone 17 (Robert Young)  originated from source material obtained from the Robert Young Vineyard in Alexander Valley whose budwood was obtained from the Wente Vineyard in the 1960's. Clone 17 contributes tropical and floral aromatics, medium weight and acidity.

Clone 95  is a certified French clone from ENTAV-INRA and is numbered as FPS 37 by UC Davis Foundation Plant Services. Clone 95 contributes lemon zest, peaches, pears and honey with medium to full body and fresh acidity.


Pinor Noir can produce a broad range of flavors and textures. Wines tend to be light to medium bodied/colored with aromas of red and black berry/cherry fruits. Cooler climate wines, such as ours from the Sonoma Coast, are lighter in style and emphasize subtly of flavors and elegance over the weight and power one finds in wines from warmer conditions. We aim to preserve  Pinot Noir's sublime berry and floral aromas while achieving medium body and great length.

Clone UCD 4,5,6 (Pommard) is named after a village in Burgundy and was originally smuggled into the US in the 1960's.  Pommard exhibits intense dark fruit and sweet cherry characters accompanied by mid palate complexity and a luxurious mouthfeel from its velvety tannins.

Clone Dijon 115  originates from Morey St Denis in Burgundy's Cote d'Or. Wines made from Dijon 115 display a rich floral and red berry aromatic profile with a fine, rounded tannin structure.



The fruit used in the creation of our wine comes from the very best vineyards in the southern most region of the Sonoma Coast AVA known as the Petaluma Gap. Like the 500,000 acres of the Sonoma Coast, the Petaluma Gap’s 200,000 acre region is characterized by it’s cool, Mediterranean climate. But unique from the remaining Sonoma Coast acreage is its 15-mile-wide break in the coastal range from Tomales Bay to Bodega Bay. This “gap” allows build up of heat in the inland valley to draw cooling coastal air from the Pacific Ocean down into the San Pablo Bay. The resulting daily wind and fog patterns give this subregion distinct growing conditions unlike the rest of the Sonoma Coast AVA. 


The Sangiacomo family has been farming in Sonoma County since the late 1920's and winegrowing since the late 1960's. The Sangiacomo's seek to produce the highest quality fruit with the lowest environmental impact possible. Below are the characteristics of the vineyards, blocks and locations from which we source the fruit for our wines.


The vineyard was first planted in 2000 and includes 11 different clone/rootstock combinations of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah.  This site trends slightly warmer compared to Sangiacomo's Robert's Road Vineyard. Fedrick Vineyard is 3.5 miles away from Keller Estate.

We source 2-3 tons of Pinot Noir (Clone 115) from xx year old vines out of Block xx. We also use 2-3 tons of Chardonnay (Clone 17/Robert Young) from xx year old vines out of Block xx. Click here for the vineyard block map.



The vineyard was first planted in 1998 and includes 14 different clone/rootstock combinations of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  This is a particularly cool site and is located a stones through away from Gap's Crown, another famous Sonoma Coast Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vineyard.

We source 2-3 tons of Pinot Noir (Clone Pommard) from 15 year old vines out of Block 14. We also use 2-3 tons of Chardonnay (Clone 95) from 15 year old vines out of Block 12. Click here for the vineyard block map.