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With the start of the fourth quarter underway, we are 8 shares down with 110 to go before Jan 15, 2014 to cover winemaking and fruit costs. So far, Glasshaus CSW Members have saved a total of $5,099.20. Help us reach our next milestone while member discounts are still 20% and join here.

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Membership & Shareship Stats

Our fifth month (September 15 - October 14, 2013) of 2013 Membership saw the West finally pulling on par with the Northeast. The West also garnered another 4.2% of overall Shareship. As I might have expected, it looks like the philanthropic pot will be split somewhat evenly between the West and the East, with the small contributions heading to the South.

October News Digest

True to our DNA, we read dozens of articles and blog posts daily on wine and mentoring. We share the vast majority of them in real time through TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and Tumbler. Every month, however, we digest the most interesting stories and share them with you here.

Wine News

California's Sonoma county emerges as a premium wine-growing region | South China Morning Post

Winemakers pleased with quality, size of early 2013 harvest | Wine Business

Harvest Fair honors Sangiacomo family | Press Democrat

Drinking With Your Eyes: How Wine Labels Trick Us Into Buying  | Northeast Public Radio 

What Are You Drinking, Jon Bonné? | Serious Eats: Drinks

An upbeat era for California Chardonnay | SFGate

A dose of Chardonnay's serious side  | SFGate 

Chardonnays prove popular in New World  |

California's Best Pinot Noirs (That You Never Need To Drink) | Forbes

Pinot noir sub-regions are not all created equal   | Montreal Gazette   

The Pinot family history  |   

Mentor News

Mentoring Matters   | Huffington Post

Parents: Start Mentoring Your Kids!   | Huffington Post

Teen mentors help peers avoid drugs  | San Jose Mercury News