How a 27% Personal ROI Generates a 1,700% Social ROI

If you could drink better wine for less while changing the world, would you? 

Join here to Drink Well and Do Good. 

The combined average retail price of Vineyard-Designate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Sangiacomo Family's Sonoma Coast vineyards is $42. The 2013 retail price of Glasshaus wines is $38, or 9.5% below average. Glasshaus members who join pre-harvest enjoy 20% discounts which equate to a 27.6% Personal Return-on-Investment

BCG's Social Return-on-Investment Study reported that "few investments equal a donation to BBBS". Mentees are

  • 12.1% more likely to have full-time employment and earn 13.1% more income.
  • 14.9% more inclined to donate charitably while giving 20% higher contributions
  • 53.5% more apt to volunteer in their community while devoting 30.1% more time

BCG Estimates a 1,700% Social Return-on-Investment


The 2013 Vintage Bottom Line

Members Save $22,800 20% Savings from 250 2013 CSW Shares

Glasshaus Gives $13,680 20% of Profits from Retail Sales of 2013 Vintage

Society Gets $246,240 Long-term Benefit is 18x Glasshaus Contribution

As of the writing of this post, we are only 9 Shares away from covering all of our 2013 Pre-Harvest Preparation Costs. Help us reach our first milestone and join here.