Latest Sales Data, Member Stats & News Digest

With two weeks left in the quarter, I am happy to announce that we have achieved our first major goal. We needed to sell 48 Wine Shares before harvest to cover expenses for barrels, racks, fermentation materials, etc. Even though harvest came a few weeks early this year, we've succeeded in funding our first milestone.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who aided in our mission to create the first Crowd-Funded Winery with a Social Mission. We are off to a great start! To date, Glasshaus CSW Members have saved a total of $4,369.60.


With that said, our next challenge is to sell 118 Wine Shares before Jan 15, 2014 to cover winemaking and fruit costs. Help us reach our next milestone while member discounts are still 20% and join here.

Membership Statistics

Our fourth month (August 15 - September 14, 2013) of 2013 Membership held steady in the West while the South made modest Membership gains on the Northeast. Shareship, on the other hand, shifted slightly away from the West and over to the South and Northeast regions.

This month, the West lost a mere 1.5% of Shareship while its Membership remained constant. Gains in the Pacific subregion were offset by losses in the Mountain subregion.

Meanwhile, Northeast Membership allocations decreased by 1.6% while Shareship increased slightly by 0.4%. The South, however, saw increases of 1.4% and 1.2% in Membership and Shareship, respectively.

August Events & September Happenings

I'd like to thank the wonderful women of Salon du Vin for allowing me to share some wines and the Glasshaus story last month. Also, a very special thanks to all who made it out to the first Mentor Me Petaluma Night at Lagunitas Brewery. It was great to see so many folks out in support of youth mentoring.

Except for a couple Private Tastings that we have scheduled this month, we will be tied up with harvest and getting our wines through primary fermentation. Rest assured, we will be back out in the community sharing wine and song as soon as wine is in barrel and we clean the pomace out from under our finger nails.

September News Digest

True to our DNA, we read dozens of articles and blog posts daily on wine and mentoring. We share the vast majority of them in real time through TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and Tumbler. Every month, however, we digest the most interesting stories and share them with you here.

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Mentor News

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