What do ogres and our label design have in common?

Why of course. Layers!

With the risk of earning the moniker of Captain Obvious, it's not what's on the bottle that matters. It's what's in it. But even with that said, we do appreciate good label design and believe that the best are simple, elegant and tell a story. The story of the wine, that is. Let's face it, we've all fallen prey to plonk wine packaged in fancy facades complete with marketing fairytales that are like onions, do stink and make us cry (for the hard earned money we've lost). We intend to spare you from that pitfall while also creating a design that you'll be proud to share.

So, what's the story of the wine?

2013 Vintage Weather Conditions

If you've been following along since the beginning, you'll note our maniacal attention to weather and our mantra that "80% of a wine is made in the vineyard". So, we've taken the four weather patterns that we track throughout the growing season to create the unique Guilloché pattern below. What you'll see on each bottle is a representation of that vintage's growing season. Each year, a new pattern will emerge due to that vintage's unique growing season. (Collect them all and wine a prize)

We hope that you'll agree that this is a pretty cool approach to label art that you haven't seen yet. But, if that doesn't quite pique your curiosity, we'll have one more chance to impress with the Haikus that we're writing for the back labels.

The start of the 2014 growing season is nearly upon us. Next month, we'll share our perspective on how the drought is affecting us here in the Petaluma Gap and report on the status of bud break.

Until then, stay classy San Diego.