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A Brick (5 out of 5 Dentists Agree)

(no, not Brick Tamland)

Pinot, Pinot and more Pinot.

I really like a "well-made" Chardonnay and I'm not ashamed to admit it. But, even though Chardonnay is still the most widely planted wine grape and most popular white wine in the US, most of you have requested a Pinot Noir-only option. So, I've decided to focus on our Pinot Noir production in 2014 and forgo making a Chardonnay this year.

Chardonnay lovers, you can score a Chardonnay-only share from the exceptional 2013 vintage here to hold you over until I bring it back (2015?). Otherwise, you all can get in early on the 2014 vintage here.

One-size No Longer Fits All

I understand that perhaps I imbibe a little more that the average wine drinker (hazard of the job, I guess). And that buying wine by the case (and not to mention as a "future") is a new concept. So, I've decided to split the shares in half. This year, you can still purchase a full share for 20% discount or a half share for 15% discount. You can check out the options here.

Give Back More and Sooner

Ok, this isn't something that you have asked for but something I felt compelled to do. After a year plus of mentoring one 10 year old 3rd grader and two 18 year old junior college students and volunteering on the board of Mentor Me Petaluma, I am more convinced than ever of the positive impact mentoring can have in our communities and on our society.

So, instead of investing 20% of our profits (which we don't project to have for a while) in mentoring, we are giving 10% of our sales. And, you choose during checkout where you would like the funds to go. More giving. More immediate impact. Go ahead. Join and see how it works here.

Strawberries, Apples, Balance and Length

For all of you 2013 members, I have produced this short tasting video to share how the wine is coming along. I felt that this might be a more edu-taining way of giving you more transparency into the process of winemaking. Please leave comments if you liked it, didn't like it, was looking for something different, want more, etc... .

Tasting barrel samples of our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir components and their final blends