"Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get"

What we "expected" from climate in Mark Twain's time was not the change that we experience in today's climate. When it comes to farming, the devil remains in the details of seasonal weather patterns.

Some folks are already running around Sonoma with their hair on fire proclaiming an early harvest. They might be right but the numbers don't support their generalizations, so anything is possible at this point. It's why we play the game and why I'm a weather über-geek.

Here is your monthly coma inducing 2-Minute winegrowing weather update. I still haven't cracked the code on how to make these more interesting without calling Jimmy Kimmel to create a Charlie Bit My Finger skit like this. Game of Weather Vanes motif, maybe? Look out for the casting call... No dragons will be harmed.


Even in the cool Sonoma Coast, June was even cooler than normal. Mean daily temperatures of 56.4˚F were 6.1˚F cooler than 2013 and 3.7˚F cooler than historical norms.

Given the cooler mean daily temperatures, it’s no surprise that growing degree days continued to significantly lag 2013 by 162.2. But only slightly lagged historical averages by 71.3.

Once again, higher highs and lower lows created the significantly higher diurnal variations of 40˚F in June. 12.6˚F more than 2013 and 11.8˚F more than average.


The sunnier than usual trend continued thorough the month of June. Once again our typical marine fog layers allowed June to experience an 5.8% increase in sunlight over last year and 7.3% increase over historical averages.


Averaging 3.5 mph, wind conditions in June were similar to 2013 and only slightly less than the the 4.0 mph 10 year historical average.


Just like June wind conditions, average humidity levels of 73% were the same as 2013 and only 1.8% higher than historical averages. Higher humidity and lower than normal temperatures created conditions of higher powdery mildew pressure during June.