Wine Shares (a.k.a Wine Futures)

Wine Shares, Wine Futures or En Primeur refers to the process of purchasing wine before it is bottled. By investing in our artisanal, small-batch production prior to release, you help us defray the costs of winemaking and make the quality of your wine our only concern.

Save up to 20% by purchasing 2013 or 2014 Wine Shares

2014 Wine Share

2013 Wine Share

Member Benefits

Members provide the working capital necessary for wine production through the purchase of Shares prior to harvest. Each Share equals one case (12 750ml Bottles) of wine each vintage year and is offered at 20% off the pre-set vintage retail price prior to bottling (while supplies last).

Members are consulted for quality feedback, future varietal production and social program selection. Member demographics determine charitable fund distribution.

Members are also kept well informed of the overall operations through:

  • Monthly Glasshaus Community News
  • Monthly Winegrowing Reports & Weather Analyses (Apr-Oct)
  • Complete Harvest & Winemaking Data
  • Annual Report of Operations

Members are also invited to our members-only Release and Harvest Parties.