What do you stand for?

That question is not asked enough, especially of the companies that sell us goods and services. They benefit from our willingness to live transparently, due to our need to connect with one another, yet rarely do they offer the same in return. So, let us be one of the first wine companies to truthfully answer that question, without marketing-speak, and offer our community complete transparency. Here are the words we live by.

Great Wine. Greater Good.™ Manifesto


PURPOSE: We are a socially responsible company determined to make a real and lasting difference in the world. We value product and purpose over profit and believe that our efforts must be focused and accountable. We believe in using business for Good, not using Good because it's good business.

EXCELLENCE: We are fanatical about only making great stuff that truly matters. Everything must have a purpose. Less is not more, less is better. Our products must rise above the sea of mediocre things with fancy facades.

COMMUNITY: We are building a tribe who prefers quality over quantity. We believe that community members and friends are the same thing. We strive to educate, entertain, engage, and inspire. We measure success by the strength of our community and the amount of Good we create not by the size of our margins.

INTEGRITY: We say what we do and do what we say. We live honestly, openly and without fear. There is only one truth and the only thing worth speaking. Our character is measured by our actions when no one is watching.


MORE: We strive to always learn more, give more, live more and be more. We believe that our best selves are yet to be discovered and we are all role models. We live our lives as examples worthy of imitation not condemnation. We fight for what’s right so we are not forced to live in a world forged by wrongs.



Transparency & Accountability

Because we say what we do and do what we say, all the geeky-ness that goes into growing and making our wine is here for your review.


Give Credit Where It's Due. We monitor weather conditions and viticultural practices contributing to the quality of the wine.

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What Happens in the Cellar... Is here for everyone to see. This isn't Vegas. We live by "what's on the label is in the bottle"

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