Less Talk. More Walk

We've all had to endure producers that spend more time manufacturing exclusivity and scarcity to over-price and over-market their wines than on perfecting their craft. We've peeled back the facade to create better wine for better value and kicked the hype-machine to the curb.

Community Support

Glasshaus is built upon the principles of community supported agriculture (CSA) to create a community supported winery (CSW). When you purchase Wine Shares (a.k.a. Wine Futures), you help to cover the anticipated costs of winemaking. In return, you save up to 20% on our artisanal, small-batch production.

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Community Impact

Social ROI Graphic.png

BCG's Social Return on Investment study reported that for every $1 invested in mentoring generates a financial return to "main-street" of $18. That's an incredible 1,700% ROI. Purchase your wine shares today and help us invest 10% of all wine sales in youth mentoring.

Meet The Founder


Glasshaus Wines began with the simple goal to make great wine for the greater good. This was the mission created by New England native Rodney Gagnon, founder and winemaker, who moved to Petaluma in 2011 after a stint in the wine capital of the world, Bordeaux France.

Adding to his Boston University Wine Appreciation & Business Studies, Rodney's Bordeaux experience consisted of all facets of wine production, from land to label. After returning from abroad, he complimented his hands-on experience with a winemaking certificate from UC Davis.

Besides volunteering as a mentor for Mentor Me Petaluma, Rodney is also a board member.