Terms of Service

Member Benefits

Members provide the working capital necessary for wine production through the purchase of Shares prior to harvest. Members are consulted for quality feedback, future varietal production and social program determination. Member demographics determine charitable fund distribution. Members are kept well informed of the overall operations through:

  • Monthly Glasshaus Community News
  • Monthly Winegrowing Reports (Apr-Oct)
  • Complete Harvest & Winemaking Data
  • Annual Report of Winemaking Operations & Philanthropic Efforts

Members are also invited to members-only Release and Harvest Parties.

Member Shares

As a member of the CSW, you will receive shares of the CSW’s wine production. Shares will be available 12 to 24 months after the harvest date of the vintage year (depending on varietal aging requirements).

One aspect of the CSW is that members share in the inherent risks of agriculture (poor weather, drought, disease, early frost, crop failure and so on) and rewards (the bounty from a good growing season.) CSW winegrowers purposely plan for such contingencies, and use growing techniques that protect the harvest, minimize risk and optimize the rewards.

In the extremely unlikely event that severe weather, disease/insect damage, or other natural disaster results in a level of crop destruction that prevents the winegrower from delivering the quantity and/or quality of fruit necessary to produce wine to fulfill the total amount of shares required, members will be notified immediately via e-mail. Members will be reimbursed for their portion of lost shares they would have otherwise received.

Member Responsibilities

Title to, and ownership of, all wine shares pass from Glasshaus to the CSW member in the state of California. Members are required to pick up or schedule delivery of share(s) within 30 days of the official release date set by the CSW. Glasshaus may act on behalf of each member to arrange for transportation of wine shares. Members shipping wine shares outside of the state of California must ensure that they are acting in accordance with local and state laws regarding the purchase, transportation and delivery of wine.

Members are responsible for all applicable shipping charges and state taxes. Shares unclaimed after 30 days of release shall be assessed a $1/month/share storage fee until final delivery or pick up. Shares left unclaimed for more than 12 months after release will be forfeited and used as donations.

Members will be responsible for receiving important news and information about the CSW. Members agree to contact the CSW if they have any questions or concerns. Members will act in an appropriate manner when communicating with the CSW and other members of the community. The CSW reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member whose conduct is deemed inappropriate by the CSW or its members. In such a case, the member will receive a pro-rated refund for the remaining unclaimed shares.

Refunds & Cancellations

Requests for refunds by a member prior to the first day of the CSW harvest will be issued a full refund less any administrative processing fees incurred (e.g. Bank Payment Processing Fees). Cancellation by the winegrower during this period will dictate a full refund to the member for the share price paid.

From the first day of the CSW harvest until the official release date, requests for refunds by a member will be issued a pro-rated refund based on any wine production costs incurred plus any administrative processing fees.

Credit Card Refunds

Returns to credit card will be placed on the original credit card used for purchase. 

Quality Guarantee

If your wine is flawed or damaged (by means other than "Carrier"), you may return the product for exchange or refund (except where prohibited by law). We will refund the value of the item and any taxes you were charged. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Damages caused by "Carrier" are not the responsibility of Glasshaus. Members must submit claims for shipping charge reimbursement directly to the "Carrier".

Return Authorization

To return wine(s), repackage the item(s) in its original packaging as received. Returns must be sent back prepaid. If wine(s) is replaced, we will pay UPS Ground shipping costs for replacement item(s) unless other shipping arrangements have been made, and at the cost of the Member. 

Please contact us for Return Authorization. All shipments must be approved prior to return shipping and may be refused if no return authorization has been given.

Returned Shipments for Invalid Address

If a shipment is returned to Glasshaus due to delivery failure for an invalid address, we will contact you. If we do not receive a response before final delivery attempt, we will refund the value of the wine and the taxes originally charged. Shipping charges are non-refundable.